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I’m afraid of frogs, ok.


Tomb Raider 2013 Poster


Tomb Raider 2013 Poster


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend! ;)
3rd Femme Fatale installment


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend! ;)

3rd Femme Fatale installment

Started a Femme Fatale Series, these are my first 2 installments :)
Lady Croft and Miss Frost 

Red Flower Falls 

Red Flower Falls 

Super Butt Bros 6

Hey there, ladies and gentlebutts. This month our players were took game characters and put them in a different setting.

Bad-dude Lena Hunter joins the party as a guest contributor.


Sayada Ramdial

It’s Princess Peach, Mario and his trusty steed Yoshi, set in 15th century Italy. SOMEbody has high expectations of her saviors…

Lena Hunter 

I decided to draw the characters from Clue, the popular whodunit board game, like they were from the late 1960’s. I think it’s pretty obvious which characters are which and what weapon they have… but who did it?

(Colonel Mustard probably looks the most menacing compared to all the carefree hippies, but keep in mind I couldn’t find a lot of pictures of smiling black panthers in my research.)

Kenton Visser

My illustration this month is based on one of my favorite childhood video games, Math Blaster 9-12. If you aren’t familiar with the game, Galactic Commander, Blasternaut and Spot crash-land on an unnamed planet and you have to help them bring the Medallion of Prosperity to The Great-and-Terrible Monkey King so he will grant them a safe departure. Since the alien monkey culture in the game seemed visually inspired by early American civilizations, I decided to execute the image in the style of a Mayan wall painting. I was lucky enough to see some Mayan art in person at the Dallas Museum of Art last week with a friend, although I had the drawing essentially finished at that point.

Helen Mask

So I basically did a crossover between the Powerpuff Girls (A badass show from my childhood, about three girls with super powers that fight crime.), and my favorite video game Jet Set Radio Future (which is a roller skating game based in a futuristic Tokyo where freedom of expression is outlawed and a gang of graffiti artists skate around covering up rival graffiti work.)

I wanted this piece to be based on the color scheme and hairstyles of the original Powerpuff Girls, but I really wanted to play around with the stylization and costumes. 

Game Over.
Thanks for playing.

If you have any suggestions for future projects be sure to hit us up in our ask box. 

Suggestion box is up!

I’ve enabled the ask for anybody that wants to suggest a theme for us to draw on! If you want to make a suggestion, just click on the link at the the top of the page that says “suggest a theme”.

Sometime’s we’re really bad at coming up with them, so any suggestion would be awesome.

Thanks a butt load!

-Gluteous Max

Butts V: Spirit of the Butt

Greetings ladies and gentlebutts.

This month we looked deep into the eyes of our fellow butt members - deep into their souls -  and found their spirit animals. Let’s start.



While brainstorming potential spirit animals for Helen, I, for some reason, couldn’t get the image of a peanix / phoecock (neither of those sound good, do they?…) out of my head. Long story short, I think a peacock-phoenix hybrid could represent this awesome lady pretty well: beauty, spunk, a little extroversion, a little introversion, and a great heart. Naturally, I had to try something new and go with the art nouveau feel, ‘cause it’s just not Helen without art nouveau. (PS. I had great fun and all, but dangit Helen, your face is hard to draw. At least I had an excuse to stalk all your Facebook photos…)


I created an image for my friend Kyle! When I think of Kyle I think of a sweet, quirky personality, and I really wanted that to be represented in his spirit animal; while Kyle has a bit more of a serious face. Kyle’s spirit animal, in my mind, is a little winged tree frog! (The one in the bottom right corner is really attached to Kyle).


Nicole’s spirit animal, for those who don’t know her, the mythical Pygmy Bigfoot. Every Tuesday they have an improv dance session. I think it causes it to rain or something - I can’t remember.

Special Guest Nicole Tempesta

Josh is considered by some to qualify as a spirit animal, so I had to envision something of equal mythical proportions. The end result was the rare birthday phoenix, a mythical beast spawned from a group of friends participating a communal game night. They are immortalized in a scene where the phoenix is depicted exploding from a birthday cake, while Josh watches in awe.


The spirit animal I chose to represent Natalie is the red panda. Like Natalie, red pandas are playful, free spirited and downright adorable. I also couldn’t not include shortbread cookies and chocolate, because without them Natalie’s life would be incomplete.


Natalie did Mo in the form of her spirit animal, the lizard.


It’s hard to capture someone like Kenton in the way I usually work, so I tried to pay homage his style instead. His spirit animal is the falconfishbear, whom - contrary to popular belief - is a saltwater critter. Also, there might be a butt in this picture. I don’t actually know.


A little bird told me Sayada’s spirit animal was of a certain avian variety. If you’re wondering, the bird seen here is Thraupis Episcopus which, like Sayada, is small and endemic to the Caribbean. I would like to say from the outset that my decision to depict Sayada’s hair messily strewn with twigs was a conceptual choice and in no way a comment on its usual tidiness.

Well that concludes this installment. Thanks everybody.

-Gluteous Max

Butts 4: [insert title here]

Hello ladies and gentlebutts. This month’s project, we used a random title generator (e.g. http://www.kitt.net/php/title.php) and made the cover to a book, movie, or whatever based off of it.

Kenton Visser

This is a cover design for an imaginary novel, Last Beginning which was a title supplied by a random title generator. The name Jules Hightower came from another online generator for proper names. Feeling the need to carry the theme out completely, I also used a computer program to generate a random illustration. Of course I’m just kidding … or am I?

Sayada Ramdial

The Seventh Sky is the seventh and final movie in the Sky Porters series, based on the Sky Porters books by Glutea Max-Toosh. The story follows the adventures of a young man named Frederick who finds a portal to another world and for the seventh time ends up in a new a foreign sky. He must restore order to the sky kingdom and find the King’s Ton, the mythical portal that could be the key for Frederick’s return to Earth, and his travel companion Fannie’s return to her own world (the second sky, Putania). But the clouds hold many secrets, ones that threaten to end Frederick’s adventures… permanently.

Katelyn Stone

"The Barbarian of the Shiny Gift" is a new epic from the author of other fantasy classics like "The Ruler of the Heavenly Cat" and "The Scent of a Person" that follows the tragic, action-packed tale of Canon, a superhuman-child-barbarian destined to find and wield the one present to end all presents: the legendary Shiny Gift! 

Ryan James

Animated/Thriller staring Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson.

Renowned lawyer Jacob Wisner’s world turns upside down when he learns his newly wed Layla is not as innocent and pure as she seems…

Mo Morgan

Playing with Tradition is a film about some guy who does some stuff, overcomes some challenges, and is met with a bleak, inevitable outcome that, in the end, betters him as a person.

I’m lying. It’s a dark comedy. The main character dies.

Helen Mask

My title from the random name generator was Playing With Mrs. Wrong. That made me think of a card game, and gambling. And also a woman. Both of these things can either bring happiness, or wild destruction. So my movie would be about a beautiful seductress, that takes what she wants.

Kyle Zager

Dark Dying is a horror game.  You go around killing … darkness? I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention during the cut scenes. 

That’s it for this edition.  See you next month cats and kittens.
-Gluteous Max 

Butts III - Scenes From Childhood

This month we decided on doing scenes from our childhood - anything memorable.
Here’s some musical accompaniment if you’d like

Mo Morgan

I have had many exciting stories from my childhood. This is not one of them. This is, instead, a memory of me attempting to stuff as many Polly Pockets into my mouth as possible. For no reason. The same was done with Legos, which, as I recall, was a much more uncomfortable experience.


Helen Mask

Midnight snowshoeing is one of my favorite memories as a kid. :D


Kenton Visser

This is an interpretation of the neighborhood in Illinois where I lived from the ages of eight to eighteen. There were these two subdivisions right next to each other, both of which had the word “lake” in their names. The more upscale subdivision had big, carefully landscaped lake, but ours was a murky borrow-pit pond next to the highway. And yes, I did have that serious look on my face for most of my childhood.


Kyle Zager

I really loved visiting a semi-local zoo when I was a kid and was obsessed with manatees. I don’t know why. They’re just so… fat. Seriously.